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Our Story

Sienne aims to create a selection of contemporary, quality, everyday pieces for individuals who love to accessorize. More importantly, we want to make sure the selection is made accessible and affordable for everyone.

Since the establishment of Sienne, we’ve aimed to provide our customers with exceptional, stylish pieces at an affordable price. We have a mission to revolutionize the industry by offering a contemporary twist on everyday essentials that are made to last beyond the season. 

Since the inception of Sienne, we’ve aimed to offer our clients luxurious jewelry at affordable prices. We’ve reinvented classics and everyday essentials, that are made to last beyond the season. Bringing together traditional methods and new techniques, we’ve created timeless, understated pieces, perfect for everyone.

Our Philosophy

Sienne was born out of the belief that you don’t need to spend a fortune to incorporate great elements into your wardrobe. We believe in quality. We believe in style. We believe that everyday jewelry that possess these qualities should be accessible without having to put a dent in your wallet. We aspire to continuously provide our customers with a collection of pieces that they love and feel comfortable and confident in.

Our Jewelry

We partner with only the best jewelers to bring you the highest quality pieces. Made with fine design and craftsmanship, we round out only the best pieces from our manufacturers to include in our collection. Every piece in our collection is hand-picked and inspected by our team to ensure that they are of the highest standards.

Fair Pricing

We ship directly to you from the manufacturer. By eliminating the middleman we are able to share our selection of affordable modernized jewelry pieces with you, at a much lower price point. Making it more accessible and affordable for our clients to show off their love for simple, classic and modern jewelry.

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